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UV curing

UV curing

Within SCHURTER we use the most secure way of curing materials (e.g. the printing ink, bonding and sealing materials). This method will provide you with benefits such as high reliability and reduction of process times. It is therefore a cost effective method.

Ultraviolet curing is a fast photochemical process in which high intensity ultraviolet light creates a photochemical reaction that instantly cures inks, adhesives and coatings. This UV curing technology is used in many applications and products, offering a wide range in automated printing and adhesive production processes.


A high-energy UV irradiation causes a chemical curing of UV reactive coatings within seconds. The UV curing process requires a light source which directs UV light onto the formulated product.

The UV spectrum was classified into four sub-groups, which each group has its own significant characteristics.

Photo initiators absorb the UV energy from the light source, setting in motion a chemical reaction that quickly, in fractions of a second, converts the liquid formulation into a solid, cured film.

Advantages of UV curing

The advantage of UV curing within printing- and adhesion processes lie in the speed at which the products can be ready for shipping. In addition to speeding up production, this also can reduce flaws and errors, as the amount of time that dust, flies or any airborne object has to settle upon the object is reduced. This leads decisively to a higher quality of the products.

The other obvious benefit is that manufacturers can devote less space to finishing items, since they don't have to wait for them to dry. This creates an efficiency that runs throughout the entire manufacturing process.

UV curing offers many benefits. Below you’ll find additional information on some of the most significant ones.

 •   Inks and adhesives with highly improved physical properties.

 •   Faster production rate and therefore higher capacity

 •   Enhanced yield and reduced scrap

 •   Hugely reduced set-up/clean-up labour costs

 •   Reduction of Work-in-process

 •   Environmentally friendly – energy savings, no emissions controls

 •   Less floor space needed

SCHURTER applies the UV curing technology for reliable printing processes as well as for different adhesive- and bonding- processes which offer a fast and high quality production cycle.

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