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Competences & Quality


We at SCHURTER consider the quality of our products and services as the key factor of the company's lasting success. The excellent process management and improvement is designed and certified according to management systems ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 and OHSAS 18001.

Our integrated management system includes quality, environmental, energy, occupational health and safety management as well as other standards such as the medical standard.

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Product life cycle management

We as a solution provider follow your requirements. Box built solutions are standard requirements to be served by SCHURTER. Therefore, all necessary services are part of our offer:


• Early involvement grants you a personalised and competent service.

Project Management

• One Caretaker to take possession of your interest within Schurter.


• You define WHAT, we propose HOW.


• Your ideas are converted into products by the best of our operations.


• Various disciplines are incorporated to one system according to your expectations.


• Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Consignment Stock, Kanban, EDI or other systems are commonly used.

After Sales

• Serving you until end of life of the product.

We take care of the best support for the growth of your business as a Full Service Provider.

Risk Management

Risk management regarding products

SCHURTER has implemented a Risk Management System (e.g. FMEA) to recognize and evaluate risks and to define necessary actions to avoid risks.

Risk management in general

For a sustainable existence it nowadays is crucial to implement a precise system to monitor and rate the risks to your and our business in advance. Therefore we regularly perform a systematic Risk Assessment based on the Principal & Guidance of ISO 31000.

Our Risk Policy is implemented, reviewed and incorporated in all our business processes. Furthermore a Business Contingency Plan has been worked out and incorporated in our yearly business review.

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