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Parametric Search for Mating IEC 60320 Connectors from SCHURTER

Thanks to SCHURTER’s Parametric Search for Mating IEC 60320 Connectors, finding the Perfect Power Supply Connection Solution for your Appliance is a Fast and Flexible Procedure.

Searching for ␣

suitable equipment connectors (appliance couplers) http://test.schurter.com https://www.schurter.ch wwwmc/wwwmc.asp language_id=0 Mating_Connectors

␣ basically means selecting the connector parameters according to IEC 60320. The ␣

search for connector options http://test.schurter.com https://www.schurter.ch wwwmc/wwwmc.asp language_id=0 Mating_Connectors

␣ on the SCHURTER Website, which can be performed from the most diverse perspectives and several points of departure, will yield a manageable selection of products within a very short amount of time. The information on the Website and on the respective product fact sheets will quickly and easily produce exactly the counterparts you need.

SCHURTER offers the largest ␣

portfolio of appliance couplers according to IEC 60320 as well as the corresponding power supply and interconnection cords https://www.schurter.com /products/connectors_filters_overview.asp language_id=0 Overview_Connectors

␣, which, for better clarity, is divided up into several functional groups such as: connectors, distribution units, power entry modules with and without filter, cord connectors or cord sets. The product search within these functional groups can be narrowed down further by selecting the corresponding product characteristics (Web selectors).

All of the over 2,000 possible connector combination/mating options (all based on IEC connector parameters) are now available under ␣

parametric search https://test.schurter.com https://www.schurter.com /wwwmc/wwwmc.asp language_id=0 Mating_Connectors

␣. This allows customers to search for equipment connectors from the most diverse perspectives. Furthermore, under General Information, you are told exactly which standard each component is in compliance with and how the terminology associated with a given product is to be interpreted.

prod //cdn.schurter.com Mating-Connectors-66004-115708