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SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z. o.o._SEP_2018 SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z. o.o._SEP_2018

SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z o.o.

SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z o.o. is the sales organization of the SCHURTER Gruop in Poland. The main focus lays on the interaction with the customers.

The Assortment contains fuses, fuseholders, circuit breakers for equipment, power entry modules with and without filter, appliance couplers, voltage selector switches, emc products, are manufactured locally for reliable, high standard and custom-made solutions in the telecom, data communication, industrial automation, machinery and other industries.

Well-known companies from the telecommunications, computer, industrial automation, mechanical engineering and measuring and medical technology worldwide rely on the components and system solutions from SCHURTER.

"Poland experiences it's golden age again and electronics industry is changing now. I believe the local presence with our extensiv know-how, our global experience and our huge range of electronics components will contribute to this development of the local industry."

Mariusz Duczek, Managing Director of SCHURTER Electronics Sp. z o.o.

Contact Information

ul. Grochowska 306/308


03-840 Warszawa


Commercial Register : KRS 0000587415

VAT-No. : PL5272751160

Director : Mariusz Duczek

Chairman of the board : Martin Zarges

Data Protection Officer : Mariusz Duczek

prod //cdn.schurter.com