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Danielson Europe B.V. changes name to SCHURTER Electronics B.V.

As part of Danielson’s continued integration into the SCHURTER Group, Danielson Europe B.V. will change its name from September 16th to SCHURTER Electronics B.V. The company address, registration, VAT and bank account numbers will all remain unchanged.

Full electronic solution provider

Danielson was acquired by the SCHURTER Group in May 2014. Since that time Danielson has been in a process of integration including its technologies. Being part of SCHURTER, Danielson's customers are now able to make use of the full range of capabilities within the SCHURTER Group. From single components as switches, connectors, fuses and EMC filters to complete Box-Build systems with a capacitive touchscreen, display, EMS services and electronics for the most demanding industrial and medical markets.

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