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Structure Division Touchscreen solutions Structure Division Touchscreen solutions

Projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP)

Projected capacitive touchscreens (PCAP)

Projected capacitive (PCAP) touchscreens, the established technology in the consumer field, was further developed to fullfil industrial capability. This technology allows operation through glass and plastic surfaces or other non-conductive materials. The glass printing from the rear enables a wide range of customer-specific designs to be created.

SCHURTER invests permanently in state-of-the-art production facilities, such as glass printing systems and laser ablation for sensor production. These investments enable us to build prototypes quickly, as well as individual and cost-optimized solutions, which are used on applications with the most recent designs.

SCHURTER quickly realized that PCAP touchscreens are, from design to prototype and onwards, a leading technology in Europe. The production processes such as the automated laminating of touch sensors, bonding of glass sensors, optical bonding of displays and the printing of glass as well as mechanical glass processing are done in-house.

With the PCAP technology, SCHURTER provides many new functions

   • Multi-touch (single, dual, 5 and 10 finger multi-touch detection)

   • Actuation by approach or low actuating force

   • Wide range of standard sensor sizes available from 3,5”- 24”

   • High optical transparency and light transmission

   • Durability

   • No mechanical wear

   • No calibration

   • Hand palm rejection

   • Optical Bonding possible

   • Excellent glove operation

   • Water resistant

   • EMC certified

   • Easy to clean

   • Activation with stylus, touch pen

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Each projected capacitive solution consists of an integrated development of touch sensor, controller, housing and display. The sensor is designed specifically for the chosen controller. If necessary, the controller can be tuned especially for your application, housing and display. SCHURTER is specialized in the development of integrated PCAP solutions suitable for industry. The selection of the ideal controller depends on the specification required and the area of application.

SCHURTER is working with various PCAP controller systems which are dedicated and qualified for industrial and medical applications. The controllers are programmed in-house by our engineers and perfectly tuned to achieve customers specifications and requirements.

Controllers from MaxTouch (formerly Atmel), MICROCHIP (PenMount) and EETI are available for optimal selection according your requirements.


In the clean room, SCHURTER laminates foil-based touchscreen sensors with special laminators and autoclave machines, highly transparent behind customer-specific printed front glasses.

Glass based sensors are bonded using a fully automated assembly system with liquid UV adhesive behind the printed front glass.

SCHURTER has a standard range of 3.5 "to 24" PCAP touch sensors that are compatible with the dimensions of the most common industrial displays.

For customer-specific PCAP touch panels with special requirements, individual display formats or for combination with other controller systems, we can develop and produce an optimal sensor specifically for your application.

Decor glass / front glass

The PCAP technology is perfect to integrate behind closed, transparent surfaces.

Due to both their high scratching and chemical resistance, front glasses are mainly used for medical and industrial applications.

Where the use of glass is not suitable, i.e. In the food industry, surfaces made of highly transparent plastic such as polycarbonate or PMMA are used.

SCHURTER has the most modern, fully automated glass printing line, in order to realize your individual front glass in the desired design, to a high quality standard.

Front glasses of the leading glass manufacturers are available as an option with various degrees of surface antireflection, chemical strengthening together with different edge designs.


SCHURTER can offer you competent advice for the individual requirements of your application so that you can realize the most suitable display solution from a wide range of possibilities.

Optical Bonding

SCHURTER offers the Optical Bonding process in order to increase legibility when exposed to sunlight in outdoor areas, to reduce reflection and to increase mechanical stability.


The SCHURTER Projected Capacitive Touchscreens have several outstanding characteristics and specifications.
Please refer to these documents for more information:

Applications of PCAP touchpanels

  • Control & Automation

  • Medical & Laboratory

  • Control & Automation

  • Building Equipment

  • Agriculture & Foresting

  • POS, POI, Kiosk Systems

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