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SCHURTER presents RS Components the award for outstanding performance

SCHURTER Electronic Components and RS Components have a long history of commercial partnership. RS Components, based in Corby in UK, is one of SCHURTER’s most important High-Service distribution partners worldwide.

"RS Components continues to be our largest High-Service distributor in terms of sales revenue and customer base worldwide. For us, an incredibly important partner for the commercialization of our products and brand. RS Components reaches our relevant customers in the different markets in Europe and Asia. RS Components has enjoyed a strong growth on the sales in the last 12 months. They have proved it once again that RS Components and SCHURTER are a good match", said Mathias Lischer, Distribution Manager at SCHURTER.

SCHURTER thanked RS Components for their outstanding achievements in the global marketing of SCHURTER products with the delivery of this Distribution Award.

RS Components helps SCHURTER in creating a continuous demand for the entire product portfolio and increasing the brand awareness of SCHURTER in the different markets.

RS Components: "On behalf of RS, I am very pleased to receive this award, recognising the many years of successful partnership and sales growth, currently out-performing competitors of SCHURTER. Ongoing strategic focus on the relationship and range, will undoubtedly continue to deliver success for the forthcoming financial year and beyond – globally", said Joanne Bradbury, Global Product Group Manager at RS Components.

Martin Zarges, President of SCHURTER Division Components, Mathias Lischer and Andreas Ziegler, Managing Director of SCHURTER Ltd. in UK presented the award to Joanne Bradbury, and Michael McIntyre, Product Manager at RS Components in the Headquarters of the SCHURTER group in Lucerne.

f.l.t.r.: Andreas Ziegler, Mathias Lischer, Joanne Bradbury, Martin Zarges, Michael McIntyre

About RS Components:

prod //cdn.schurter.com RS-Distribution-Awarded-by-SAG-99944-207442