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Comprehensive BONDING expertise

With the advancement of PCAP technology and the use of displays, the in-house bonding possibilities have been continuously expanded at SCHURTER. The goal is to improve

the performance of PCAP touch panels and displays by using optical bonding. Through various investments in the pre-treatment, glass cleaning as well as in the

bonding process, all the bonding technologies are available in-house at SCHURTER.

Finding the right touchscreen solution for your project can be difficult and time-consuming. Your project needs to be dealt with by a company who has in depth knowledge in the field. SCHURTER offers you its expertise and shows you how optical bonding can improve your touchscreen solution.

We will advise and support you through the whole process, making sure you receive the optimal solution.

We offer you all available bonding technologies for PCAP touchscreens:

•Sensor Bonding: using Liquid Bonding or Optical Clear Adhesive (OCA) lamination

•Display Bonding: using Air Gap Bonding or Optical Bonding with Dry Bonding or Liquid Optical Clear Adhesive (LOCA) Bonding.

These technologies offer you benefits such as:

•Better readability

•No condensation

•Increase robustness

•No dust and dirt particles

Benefit from the various bonding technologies and our know-how for the optimal solution of your customer-specific application.

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