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50 years of CHI LICK SCHURTER Ltd.

CHI LICK in Chinese stands for persistent effort with high determination. This, as a belief to success in Chinese culture, was therefore taken as the company name in year 1964 when it was officially formed in Hong Kong. 50 years may not be a remarkably long period of time, but it has not been easy to witness 6 different economic eras, good or bad, in 50 years in Hong Kong and China.

The violent 5-months riots in Hong Kong in 1967, the severe stock market crash of stock index slump by more than 80% in 1973, picking up of China's economy in mid-80s to mid-90s last century, the Asia financial crisis coincided with the outbreak of lethal respiratory virus (SARS) in the period from 1997 to 2003, the financial tsunami in 2007 and 2008, and currently the changing of China's economic development structure from the emphasis of manufacturing and export to domestic consumption, have all been witnessed by CHI LICK SCHURTER (CLS), and we outlast them - it is because of the innovative and open mind set of the Founder Mr. Leung who built up a solid foundation that resulted in making automatic manufacturing (self developed machinery) in the 90s and CLS to join venture with SCHURTER Group in year 1999 possible.

Thanks also to the Group's daily support from different individuals on quality management, engineering, IT backup, marketing, procurement and sales processing, and to the Group's Chairman Mr. Hans-Rudolf Schurter for his vision of entrepreneurship and leadership that turned CLS into an entity of continuous improvement and growth. Of course it goes without saying that the entire staff at CLS is the most important asset for their maneuverability of work tasks and desire for quality production and services.

CLS is now running a manufacturing facility and total 3 sales offices in 4 different cities in the eastern and southern part of China (including Hong Kong). We are in the stage of setting up a sales force particularly for the north China. In the next 50 years and more, CLS will continue sparing no effort to fulfill the expectations from both external and internal stakeholders - customers, suppliers, the society, staff, all Group companies, the Group management and shareholders.

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